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Working in the helping professional can at times be challenging. As therapists were are often in the position of helping to contain clients emotions and this undoubtedly can have an impact on the therapist. With supportive supervision the impact of this can be minimised and in the long term help prevent burn out. This is where supervision can be of great value if it is offered in a supportive and collaborative way. It provides a safe learning environment for your clinical work. It is also a space to safely experiment with new strategies and techniques. Supervision by its very nature engenders a sense of continual professional growth.

It is important that your relationship with any supervisor is one of support, challenge, exploration and openness. The importance of the supervisory working alliance is as important as the one between client and therapist.

My supervision style

I take an integrative relational supervision stance incorporating a wide range of therapeutic techniques and models. My approach provides useful perspectives and resources in supervision. The focus is on the therapeutic process which means we look at your process as well as that of the client’s. Sometimes there can be a parallel process; what is happening in the room between you and a client may also occur in supervision. By exploring this in supervision often great insight, movement and growth can be gained for you and your client.

Particular emphasises is placed on reflection, continuing development and challenge. The aim is to build a supervisory relationship that is respectful, safe and mutually explorative. The welfare of the client is held at the forefront throughout the learning process in supervision, spefically in terms of knowledge attainment and skills development. When relevant to do so associated client issues will also be discussed for example: medication, hospitalisation, case management, referral to GP or specialised mental health team.


All professional and clinical issues discussed are confidential. The exceptions to this is where professional malpractice may be evident, or if requested to release information by a Court of Law, Coroner’s Office or Professional Body.

When we start working together, I ask that you explain your confidentiality agreement either in terms of private practice or organisationally. Particularly in terms of managing risk with your clients. If you are in training or working for an organisation, please ensure you are clear on the supervision requirements.

If your clients require urgent support, you will need to contact your client’s GP, A&E or local crisis team (please ensure you know who this).


Depending on your clinical caseload, we can meet for weekly, fortnightly or monthly 50 minute supervision sessions.

I charge £80.00 per session payable by bank transfer prior to each session. For any cancellations 48 hrs notice is required otherwise, the full fee is payable.

Reduced fee arrangements for in training therapists and psychologists is occasionally possible.

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